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Velocity Owners and Builders Association (VOBA)

Welcome Velocity Enthusiasts

The Velocity Owners and Builders Association (VOBA) is dedicated to the safe building and flying of Velocity Aircraft. VOBA will promote the interests of Velocity owners and builders and represent our type of aircraft in the larger aviation community.


VOBA is a member of the Type Club Coalition (TCC). The TCC was started by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) for the purpose of sharing information among the various aircraft-specific organizations.


The Velocity Owners and Builders Association encourages you to check out all useful sources of information on Velocity Aircraft, such as the factory's web site, the Velocity Wiki, and the email Reflector at




Conversations on the Forum

Dog house rear cut line . . . I'm trying to determine where to make the cut on the fuselage top
Clearance between engine and cowl - how much is enough? . . . I'm trying to fit my cowl over a Continental IO-550-N. I'm not using the standard plenum
Steerable Nosewheel Interim Results . . . This is a simple bolt on solution. No modification in the form of cutting or drilling is required.
Upholstery Q's . . . how to attach it all, and of course make it accessible for later on.

Velocity News Summer 2015 issue available!


In this issue: The Velocity in Brazil, keeping the doors closed in flight, wiring the trim motor, upgraded door handles, spring fly-ins, hardpoints, and safety wire. Plus, find out if your Velocity is officially an antique!

A big thanks to this issue's contributors:

Pedro Mello
Andy Millin
Duane Swing
Stephen Lewis
Patrick Sieders
Don Johnston
Jorge Bujanda



A link to the full-color newsletter will automatically be delivered to members' email account. You can also download the current and past issues from the Documents section of this web site and the Newsletter Forum.


Beautiful flight to Mackinac Island 

Builder Andy Millin gets great video of northern Michigan.
You can't get a more beautiful summer destination than Mackinac Island (KMCD). See this stunning footage from Andy's trip to this scenic spot where airplanes are welcome, but no cars are allowed.

Canard Comics


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