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Velocity Owners and Builders Association (VOBA)

Welcome Velocity Enthusiasts

The Velocity Owners and Builders Association (VOBA) is dedicated to the safe building and flying of Velocity Aircraft. VOBA will promote the interests of Velocity owners and builders and represent our type of aircraft in the larger aviation community.


VOBA is a member of the Type Club Coalition (TCC). The TCC was started by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) for the purpose of sharing information among the various aircraft-specific organizations.


The Velocity Owners and Builders Association encourages you to check out all useful sources of information on Velocity Aircraft, such as the factory's web site, the Velocity Wiki, and the email Reflector at



Conversations on the Forum

Various Velocity models . . . Hi all, can somebody explain to me the evolution of the Velocity aircraft? So I know they had the original Velocity, and then they had the 173, and then they had the SE, and then of course they have the XL. . . . How does one describe a Velocity 173 RG with the gull wing . . . 
Fuel Gauges and other fuel questions . . .   I understand that there are two wing (strake) tanks that gravity feed to a collector tank. . . I also have seen that certain builders have a large "elbow room" space . . . Retract airplanes have a space cut into the tank to locate the main gear . . . 
IVO Prop with Franklin engine . . . Hi, I'm new to this group and I wondered if anyone has any information on how the IVO propellers work with Franklin engines?  I'm thinking of purchasing . . .

Canard Comics


Fly Over the Alps with Armin Zollinger 

Beautiful video of the mountains in Switzerland.
The towering peaks and beautiful valleys of the alps have never looked better than in this video from Armin Zollinger's Velocity.

Velocity News Winter 2015 issue available!


In this issue: 52-pages of incredible information, photos, and features!

• The Factory's new hangar and the upcoming open house
• Builder Michael "Boomer" Baron gets started on his kit
• Flying in the AirVenture Cup
• Setting up your workshop
• Results are in from multiple VG tests
• Elevator trim connected directly to the VP-X?
• Flying the Velocity IFR
• Aircraft fire extinguishers
• . . . and much more!


A big thanks to all of our contributors!


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You can also download the current and past issues from the Documents section of this web site and the Newsletter Forum.

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