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Velocity Owners and Builders Association (VOBA)

Welcome Velocity Enthusiasts

The Velocity Owners and Builders Association (VOBA) is dedicated to the safe building and flying of Velocity Aircraft. VOBA will promote the interests of Velocity owners and builders and represent our type of aircraft in the larger aviation community.


VOBA is a member of the Type Club Coalition (TCC). The TCC was started by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) for the purpose of sharing information among the various aircraft-specific organizations.


The Velocity Owners and Builders Association encourages you to check out all useful sources of information on Velocity Aircraft, such as the factory's web site, the Velocity Wiki, and the email Reflector at




Velocity News Fall 2014 issue available!


Read all about the Oshkosh award winners, aerodynamic efficiency, shimmy damper news, a new gear fork, building an annunciator panel, Kurt Winker's first flight, Oshkosh pics, builder progress reports, and airplane updates.


A big thanks to all of our contributors: Stephen Lewis, Don Johnston, Andy Millin, Reiff Lorenz, and Duane Swing, .

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You can also download the current and past issues from the Documents section of this web site and the Newsletter Forum.

Featured Video

Cleared to depart in a rain storm!
Repeat offenders Mark and Nancy Riley leave AirVenture 2014 just as heavy rains start dumping from the sky. This captivating compilation brings together Brett Ferrell's video from the ground with N929X's cockpit camera. What a great demonstration that the Velocity is an (almost!) any-weather airplane.

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